The Technology and the Test Labs

 Smart Group has Developped over the Years many ideas, technologies and products many of which are IP registered to keep the technology open to all.


Smart Group has Opened the Technology to all Public to help all reach to the top as fast as possible by providing Open Source as well as Open Protocol Technology. Not only that, but also Smart group has Built Free Simulators for Products, free DLL share ware libraries and full manuals and guides and support forums.

Some of Smart-BUS Brand Manufacturers that benifits from the power and stability as well as the freedom and flexibility of Smart-BUS Open Protocol

1- TIS (Texas Intelligent Systems)

2- Smart Industry Group (G4)

3- HDL (Bus Pro)


5- EATON (Canada)


7- e-Home Automation (UK)

8- Ariaz (Iran)

9- Luce Futoro (Italy)

10- Preussen Automation (Germany)

 Also There are many Others like: CATRY, Betchamp, c-Touch, Omnidom, AVWin, SeaWin, PCS, Emperium, SHT…etc.

Many Software Houses also helped in making Smart-BUS a new world standard like:

1- Iriduim Mobile (Russia)

2- Comfort Click (Slovania)

3- Romstal (Romania)

4- Not Another Friute (Jordan)

6- Hoteza (Russia)

7- Open Remote (Germany)

8- Emperium (Egypt)

9- SAMDESD (Malaysia)

10-CyberGenie (Ukraine)

Also There are many others like: AZAD, Swastik, Bornita, SHI,,…etc.

Thanks to many Partners and software houses & integrators Smart-BUS is today integrated directly into all the following famous Connectivity Partners:

1- Insteon

2- X10

3- PCS (UPB)

4- Euroclimate

5- C-Touch / Dnake

6- Dali

7- DMX

9- CresNet by Crestron

10- AMX

11- ELAN

12- Raseberry Pi

13- Micros fedelio

14- Cool Master


16- HAI

18- Nuvo


20- RS-232 / RS-485

21- ModBUS

22- MBUS

and Many More …