We always appreciate your Contributions of Ideas to Smart-Industry which has been the source of our Product Innovations. Smart-BUS G4 is based on your personal experiences, lifestyle needs and the dynamic technological new necessities. “At Smart-Group we are driven by achievement using both: Speed and
Accuracy as our Engine”The New (G4) Generation-4 Smart Automation
Solution is Made to reach everyone’s hand: “providing Luxury systems
with cutting edge technology at affordable prices.”

We Promise you our Maximum Capacity:

  1. To Innovate New Product Ideas

  2. To Simplify the Usage for everyone

  3. To make Prices More affordable

  4. To Support your needs

The Growing International Network of Dedicated Distributors and
Professional Dealers has made us more Keen to exert more force on
Quality and Speed of Delivery enabling us to serve Millions of customers
worldwide. For this reason, Smart-Industry has Invested Millions of
Dollars to Create High End SMT/SMD Mounting and Automated
Assembly Lines to cater to the growing overwhelming demand on G4
Automation Technology.
We thank you for your support always, together we shall live in style.